i cannot fathom you

i’ve tried to break it down into bite sized pieces

so its easier to swallow

but i can’t

there’s too much

im too full

pray you don’t cut me off

before i taste a little more

i’ve always dreamed of you

i think you’ve done the same

but you’re so good at hiding


i think you’re other worldly

something so pure is not earthly possible

part of me wants to leave you pure,

the other part cannot leave you undisrupted

You make me feel like the devil reincarnated

but then i ponder that, and think,


it is in fact, you

and i’ve made a deal with that devil



all knowingly

all at once

you speak in tongues, you think in tongues

i dream of you, i dream of you in colours

colours that don’t even exist

because you don’t exist

you can’t, possibly exist

it’s unfathomable


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