thoughts of late…


We are in quite possibly, the most volatile epoch of time that humanity has ever faced. “Ignorance is bliss’ rings true. Our lust for comfort has led most of us to a place of complete and utter ignorance, slowly destroying the passions of our soul. How I long of being one of those people, comfortable and ignorant. Instead I lose sleep at night thinking about the inconceivable multitude of problems we as humans, the wondrous array of bio diverse creatures around us, and our lovely planet home face right now. I feel the deepest sense of urgency, it keeps me up at night…to do something right now, right this second, that every single act I make has an impact. Because it does. It’s not ‘everything happens for a reason’, its everything happens because of a decision YOU made. Everything has side effects. These are the ramblings that affect my blissful ignorance.

We face more challenges per second than we have the capability of solving per day, month, week, year, heck even decade. We are making these problems for ourselves, and they do not exist in isolation, they are all CONNECTED.  Scientists have been telling us for over 27 years that the planet is warming, they started gently, politely, but now they are screaming and we are still not listening. Instead of heeding this advice we are still debating whether or not there is truth behind it, and have spent the time filling up the atmosphere with more greenhouse gases instead. That is time we don’t have. That time is crucial to our survival, 27 years down the drain and still counting. And what else did we do in that time? Oh yeah, we crossed the threshold. So now even if we decided to act it’s no longer possible to reverse the effects of climate change. Because we let ill-informed politicians make our decisions instead of scientists. We’re completely mad. The human race has completely fucking lost the plot.

As a race, and we are only ONE race, there is no such thing as race except for the human race (that is a scientific fact ) we are completely unsustainable – socially, economically and environmentally. Essentially you can only pick two, imagine a triangle, there are three corners – society, economy and environment …you want sustainability? You can only pick two. But humans are greedy, they won’t accept that…so we’re swimming upstream trying to find a way to have all three.

These three factors are interconnected, you cannot separate them, each one affects the other. Economists think the environment has nothing to do with their domain, what about the concept of natural capital… life giving and supporting services? That the earth provides. That without, economies could not exist. The ‘economy’ only came into being because humans learnt how to cut down trees, burn them to make fire, build houses, trade resources. ETC! We are the earth, we are literally biological organisms that need things the earth provides to survive like water, food, AIR, and we are fighting for that survival right now, yet we don’t even realize it. We won’t realize it until a scientist spells it out plainly for us in some years, wins a nobel peace prize for his work, and….by then it will be too late. Here’s something economists might understand; climate change is a stock, not a flow. It’s here and its we can’t go back now.

Human activity currently dominates earth processes; we have taken over… this is called the Anthropocene. We have entered this stage; we have moved beyond the Holocene. Anthropocene literally translates to ‘human-made’ epoch of the planet. To the point of fundamentally changing the earths processes which keep us alive. It’s not an idea, or a concept, it is actually happening. Crutzen proposed this, and the American Geological Society have confirmed its truth. It’s not something that might happen to our children’s children or their children, but even if it were you should probably give a shit. This age is real and it us upon us. It’s the consequence of an age of neglect.

Right now, we can’t even really fathom half of the effect we’re having. The paradox of our time. We are pushing the earth to it’s absolute limits, it’s busting at the seams, but we keep pushing, the only way to find solutions is to keep pushing further right? I have images in my head of the planet simply combusting, self- imploding. Sometimes I think I’m sick, it almost makes me laugh. I think humans somewhat deserve it, but everything else here surely doesn’t. Other times I just think nature will take back what is hers, and humans will become extinct whilst mother nature just regulates herself back to health.

If you don’t think you’re going to or have already experienced the effects of climate change you’re in denial. But then again, we live in a developed world and aren’t we lucky to. We are generally the one’s creating emissions at a rate like it’s nobody’s business. Except the thing is, it is somebody’s business. It’s our business, and its big business. But it’s also the people’s business who live in extreme poverty. They are more often than not the one’s who have to deal with the outcomes of climate change, which effects people in rural and third world countries more than we can ever imagine. I wonder what they would say if we asked them if climate change were happening in our generation?

It’s not about being outrageous or ridiculous or even being a ‘hippy’ anymore. Am i being outrageous for saying these things? For wanting to survive. For fighting to give my potential children the experiences i have been so blessed receive in this world? Is that what you call crazy? I probably would have been burned at the stake in a previous life, for demanding my most basic human rights. Im lucky enough to have my rights handed to me on a golden platter, to be sitting her writing this on my computer right now. To have the education that allows me to thread these words together and share them with you. I am so abundant in opportunities, I can’t chose which to do first – that is the paradox of my time.

On the other hand, there are girls my age lucky enough to find clean water, why them and not me? There are billions of us here on earth that deserve the most basic human rights, but how many of us can actually expect them. If you asked them whether or not the earth is warming, without the education you or i have been lucky enough to have, Im sure they could still tell you yes.

The irony is they haven’t released half the emissions which are causing greenhouse gases to be trapped in the atmosphere at such an alarming rate. 90% of Africa still doesn’t even have electricity, but still they are feeling the effects first. We are so disconnected. So happy to palm our waste off to someone else. In this western world that we have created, we don’t have to think of any of these things if we don’t want to, just turn netflix on instead, tune out. Maybe go work in an orphanage in a 3rd world country for a while to make ourselves feel better.

We need real conversation about this. Real dialogue, to make real policy changes, whole system changes. Achievable ones. The developed world is going to have to fund a lot of research and development, sustainable development. And so they should, they only got to that position by raping and pillaging, completely exploiting the environment and human beings. The problem must be solved. Saying it’s too late is a complete cop out. The same lazy mentality that created the problem in the first place.

I realise you probably think im crazy, because im passionate about my home and my people, and our future together. Im passionate about you and your future, even if you don’t care, i do. And for the record Im not crazy, you are if you don’t give a shit. And if it truly upsets you, then you’re threatened and need to break away from the restrictions that have been placed on you by this society, by the standards this world has forced upon you.

Just needed to get that swirling cosmos out of my head.

To be continued, always


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